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Hmong Culture Mekong river in Laos

Hmong culture is very important to Hmong people.  This website gives you some information about the background of Hmong people and also provides quality-links to Hmong products. 


If you would simply like to find more information about the Hmong and Hmong culture, click on the "Hmong People" heading. 


To see traditional Hmong foods, there is a "Hmong Foods" link where you can see the popular types of foods and purchase them online.     


This Hmong Culture website also provides links to Hmong products that are often very hard to find or may not be available in your area.  These are high-quality products that even your grandparents will approve of!


Want to know what is going on for Hmong events?  The Hmong July 4th event in St. Paul is a truly amazing site to see, you can find more info about it here. The Hmong New Year celebrations are also very cool and you can find more info about them here.


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